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Messi does not play against Morocco Messi is happy to return to his kingdom. Photo: Instagram

Why Messi is not playing, answer!

Lionel Messi is not playing? They asked the question as hard as possible. It has been demanding written and written explanation. Who is khappy? No, not a Argentine fan, spending a bunch of money is not a viewer flying in a friendly match; Morocco has burst out of anger Argentina, who are coming into the ground on Tuesday at 1:00 am on Tuesday. There is no Messi in the opposition XI, this is the good news for any team.

So why is Morocco so angry?

They are happy to be happy. Though it seems a little cold, the cause of anger will be clear. In the same way, the opportunity to play against the team like Argentina does not come regularly. When the opportunity came, did not Messi eleven! Messi returned to the national team after a long break, the idea of ​​tomorrow’s match was his big advantage.

Generally, national parties earn income from this friendly match. In truth, this kind of friendly match is the main source of national parties’ income. And having a star like Messi meant that the price of the match was a few times. Unless it means the opposite Generally, there are conditions that can be played in front of Messi, like contracting a friendly match against a team like Argentina.

There is also a mention of how many minutes to play in the minimum.

Morocco hosts this match Messi would have thought that Argentine gave a huge amount of money to the match. This condition was believed to be the condition of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) agreement. Because of the reciprocal conditions, what can be done with Messi and what some can not do is that the AFA In which Messi would not be able to take Selfi, even a Moroccan player could not do it.

The condition was that Messi could not be made a foul. Messi was about to play this match. But after nine months, Messi returned to the national team’s jersey, and the team looked more dirty. Venezuela defeated 3-1 goals. After the match, it was reported that Messi got groin or knee injuries. So the next friendly match is not playing. Barcelona also confirmed Messi’s injury news. It is also heard, on March 30, Messi will play Derby match against Espanyol.

Morocco is so skeptical, whether or not Messi is really true!

Their frustration in the FRMF statement is clear, ‘Last Saturday we received a letter from the agent that I had spoken to organize this match. The letter has officially notified that Messi is not playing in this match. In an interview with Tanzier, the Argentine Football Association asked for an explanation for the absence of the agent from the agent’s FRMF. FRMF agreed on the condition that the match was arranged in the match, and there was no other value. Because Argentina had promised to play their best team.

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