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What is the problem of making money in La Liga?
What is the problem of making money in La Liga?

What is the problem of making money in La Liga?

At least one match in La Liga will be held in the United States this year. The La Liga authorities have been involved in a deal with an American company, La Liga has never happened in the 89 year history.

The La Liga match will be held outside Spain for the first time The La Liga Authority (LFP) has signed a 15-year contract with the organizers of the pre-season tournament International Champions Cup. Under this agreement, at least one match will be held in the United States every season in La Liga. But the Spanish footballers’ association is bent. They are against playing league matches outside the country.

The La Liga authorities have signed an agreement to increase La Liga range and to make football more popular in the United States.

From here they will make a lot of money. Although the digit is not yet published. Players will not get any share of this money. Not only this, the Spanish Football Association Association (AFE) has taken a stand against Spain and leaves the league matches. Their argument, there was no discussion with the players before the agreement was made.

The agreement was made without informing them. And the fans of clubs will have a negative impact on this deal.

In a statement, AFE said it has been told by the AFA that “the decision to play an official match in the United States on the basis of the contract between La Liga and Relieve” La Liga decided not only to talk to players but also to benefit them only. The health or the risk of players was not considered.

AFE president David Agenzo is directly protesting, “Players are not a coin that will use them to gain business from third parties. Say it alone. ‘

The possible match of the match in Miami may be possible in the media, the media said. In that case, the host team will have to sacrifice the facilities at home. Besides, there is a hassle for traveling to the audience. Spanish La Liga is starting the new season from today. The media said big teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atletico Madrid are more likely to play in the United States.

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