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The mystery then this 'three s'

The mystery then this ‘three s’

What is the secret of your nature?

With regard to this jingle known to the advertisement, Jamie, who is the coach of the Bangladesh National Football Team, asked, How is changing the form of Bangladesh? What will the British coach answer?

Maybe there will be many explanations to come forward. But fitness will give the most priority.

That’s what he has said many times, ‘players have made a lot of improvements in fitness.’ There may not be anybody who can protest against this comment. Footballers cannot run, what will play? Talking about the country’s football, it is seen to be unimaginable that many There was no scope to oppose But there is nothing to be surprised when the current party protested. After the Asian Games, they are proving themselves in the clear championship.

Qatar and Thailand have taken Bangladesh to the second place in the second round of Asian Games for the first time. Nine years later, Safai took Bangladesh away from another semifinal.

It is understood that, in comparison to the previous parties in Bangladesh, Tupu Barman has an exception. The biggest contribution behind the mystery of becoming an exception is the improvement in fitness, on which the country has won the game after Asian Games. Bangladesh will be able to understand how much fitness has improved in the afternoon when the coach sent a message to Jamal Bhuiyan in the afternoon of the match, ‘You play at your own pace.

Pakistan will be tired.

“It is understandable how confident the players are on the physical ability of the players. There is a fundamental theme in football called ‘Four S’ – skill, speed (speed), Terence (power) and stamina (breath). The players or the team that is as good as the team, the better they are about these four issues. The players are not heard against the football players in the four seasons. But the next three are the big questions about ‘s’. Under Jamie Dr, the current team has improved in the last three ‘S’, Speed, Strength and Stamina.

With the improvement of the skill is coming.

If there was a clear analysis of the European Football Fair, then the criteria for the development could be proved by data-statistics. There are no problems, but the changes in the physical language of the players are visible. Earlier due to lack of fitness, the players were tired of the middle half of the match. If you can not keep the focus, you can digest the goal at the end. Bangladesh has won the match by the last moment.

Tomorrow’s goal against Pakistan came in 85 minutes. Going to the end of the match is not just a sign of improvement.

The whole match Bangladesh played ‘direct football’. The kind of football that can be played physically is very strong. Definition of fitness improvement by taking ‘direct football’ at the same time against European base players like Pakistan, Naturally, due to the fitness that was earlier behind Bangladesh, its progress has been made in the systematic diet.

Currently, the list of footballer’s food stitches in strict rules Coach and trainer made a diet list, there is no scope to go outside.

Sugar, junk food, soft drinks are completely banned. There is no scope for spicy and spicy food. There is a chance to eat rice, one hour, very few in quantity. It is important to understand that this change plays an important role in improving fitness. The 38-year-old former Australian coach and former Australian coach Andrew Oord started the journey.

Jamie Dey, who is 38 years old, is holding fast the story behind him. In terms of football coaching, age 38 is about youth. He has selected a number of young players, who have a glimpse of the change of football in Bangladesh.

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