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Athal is in the IPL series. File images

The IPL is in the commentary room

Shakib playing in the IPL for Sunrisers Hyderabad. He is the only cricketer in Bangladesh. But the only representative but not the only. The commentator is in the house

Not only Shakib Al Hasan as representative of Bangladesh in the Indian Premier League (IPL), there is another representative outside the field – Atar Ali Khan. Athana is commenting on the IPL for the first time. Atha is giving commentary in Bengali.

The promotion is being done in Kolkata TV channel ‘Star Jalsa Movie’. The commentary is broadcast from the studio in Mumbai. Courtesy of West Bengal commentators have become known as ‘Atar Da’!

There is another kind of experience in his commentary, and one of the other experiences is his.

The former opener’s voice is generally heard in international cricket, in most Bangladesh matches. His appearance as the sole representative of Bangladesh in the World Cup or the Asia Cup is a commentary on the big tournament. In almost two decades of commentary life, he established himself in international cricket as the voice of Bangladesh.

Though he has made English commentary in international cricket, he is also the only Bengali commentator in this IPL.

From Mumbai, Athara said, ‘Everything is going well. There is a comment on the entire IPL. But for the Narayanganj Club on March 31, the match will be played for a long time. In all, the experience is going well. ‘ Star Jalsa is broadcasting the IPL in whole of Bengal considering Bengali viewers. The scores are given in Bengal as soon as possible.

Not only in 100% of Bengal. Somewhat bangal. Although the name of the players is in Bengali, the numbers are in Roman style. But the commentary is in whole Bengali. Listening to Bangla commentator at Athar Ali’s voice can be a wonderful experience for the audience. “It is a great privilege to be able to give a comment in my own language in a big tournament like the IPL,” said Aathar, enjoying a lot of praise in the language of his mother

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