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Real blue white seats in the gallery have seen more than zero blue seats. Photo: Reuters
Real blue white seats in the gallery have seen more than zero blue seats. Photo: Reuters

The blank gallery explained what Ronaldo was.

La Liga has made a strange decision. South Asia is not on TV, watching the game is on Facebook.

From the very first day, the question of how the decision is broad based on the expansion and speed of the Internet in this region has been questioned. It was confirmed that La Liga viewer was less than the last three seasons last season, it is sure. This is a small screen viewer account. It does not have any relation with the lowered view of Real Madrid. Real Madrid have made an unbeatable record tomorrow.

Los Blancos has started the league season in Santiago Bernabeu. Garyoth Bell and Dani Karvahal goalkeeper Goetafake 2-0 in the match started well.

But only 48 thousand 466 supporters appeared to see it. In the last 10 years it is a record of fewer visitors to Bernabeu. After 10 years it means to understand the rest In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo was passing a very bad time before joining the club Real. There is no success in the field, there is no crowd in the gallery. Contest Barcelona are doing their best time.

At that time, the situation was changed in a colony of Florentino Perez, who was shocked at the businessman’s mind. World Records After the arrival of Ronaldo, crowd of observers began to grow in the Bernabeu Gallery. He came in the way of success .

Ronaldo’s departure at the start of this season, he has brought back all those days in Bernabeu.

As far as Rial is concerned, whether Ronaldo’s lack of talent like that of Ronaldo will not be easily met, it is understood that in the first match of the league, the ball can not be won by Benzema or Assenosad.

In the last 2008-09 season, the last remaining seats in Barnabu were seen.

He defeated Barcelona 6-2 in the final match with the famous match, losing five matches, Real Service. Tired Real’s viewers see the rate decreased so far in the field. Ronaldo added many titles to his trophy cabinet at Real, Real Madrid has also won 4 Champions League and La La Liga. However, for the real time, Ronaldo’s understanding of what actually happened, the time has come to explain the empty seats in Bernabeu. To fill this vacuum, Bell-Assenio has to travel a lot more.

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