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Terrorism in the country of peace

The beginning of the day was like that of five days. Before the weekend holiday, the people of Christchurch were preparing for the holiday. But the end of the day is the smell of blood smell. The city is now the kingdom of fear. The night will surely cut down Christchurch, the companion will be anxiously anxious. New Zealand’s reputation for peace worldwide The country is second in the list of peaceful countries in the year 2018. In such a country Friday in a mosque, a terrorist terrorist attack. The death toll is 49, injured 48 Many people are at the center of life and death in the hospital.

On the sudden attack, New Zealand residents were shocked. The people of Christchurch are even more skeptical.

Terrorism in the country of peace

Christchurch is a city surrounded by green hues, and houses in the sprawling sprawl. Such a calm, unsatisfying city has been fired from the automatic rifle on Friday. Finding an example of such killings in New Zealand, many pages of history have been turned back, many have to go back. In 1943, during World War II, the country witnessed such massive losses due to criminal activity. Since then it has never happened again. Now a new example is created in the country, maybe there are many fears. Three Bangladeshi people were killed in a series of terror attacks in Christchurch in New Zealand. Members of Bangladesh National Cricket Team have been rescued from the attack for a little bit.

2The process is underway to bring national cricketers back to the country.

Team Manager Khaled Masud said that if all is well, then the country will return to the country after Saturday night after 10:30. On Friday, at the local time on Friday, a terrorists launched a first attack on the Muslims who performed Friday prayers at Al Nur Mosque in Christchurch. Later, terrorist attacks were carried out in the nearby suburbs of Lynwood mosque. But the second attacker is not the same person, it is not yet confirmed. According to some eyewitnesses, several terrorists carried out the attack. One eyed Ramadan was in Al Nur Mosque In his reply, ‘The silence of Pinpoint was in the whole mosque. Suddenly, the sound of firing started. In the face of the eyes fell into the living people. New Zealand Police detained four people including a woman suspected of involvement in the attack. Explosives were recovered from a car. The assailant was confirmed as an Australian citizen. A 17-minute video footage of the attack was broadcast live through social networking. It is said that the Australian named Brenton Tarantin carried out a terrorist attack in Al Nur Hospital. The Australian government has already confirmed Brenton’s nationality. However, the New Zealand Police Department has not yet confirmed that he has been detained. But the Australian government says that one of their citizens was arrested on Friday’s attack. Police have forbidden Muslims to visit any mosque anywhere in New Zealand. Along with that, mosques have been ordered to be closed.

The people of Christchurch were forbidden to leave the house until further notice. Police in the city are in a caution.

The whole Christchurch is now a blocked city. An urgent need to leave someone outside. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jasindra Arderna condemned the incident, saying that the incident was a major disaster for New Zealand. Jasinda Ardern said in the tweet, “The unprecedented incidents of crime in Christchurch have happened. There is no place for terrorist attacks in New Zealand. Some of the victims are New Zealand immigrant communities. Their home in New Zealand They are ours. ‘ World leaders have condemned the same tone. Everybody protested against this brutal terrorist attack, condolences to the families of the casualties

1The incident of terrorist attacks in the Christchurch Mosque was the main news story in the world press.

Each of the world’s top news media has updated every moment of their online version of the incident. Television and radio channels have spread news all the time. But the video of the attack and the attacker’s campaign of fundamentalist and racist propaganda promulgated, the media has been criticized. As far as the information has been found, it can be said that Christchurch has claimed 49 fresh lives. Fierce farming of hatred has been behind the theory of extremism. Flowers do not