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Maradona does not expect the Argentine team as like that

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Prepress medicines in one hand, and the pressure machine in the other hand! Diego Maradona will be able to see the World Cup matches. He is not the only believer in the 1986 World Cup hero. In the words of Maradona, there was a possibility that Argentina could be caught …

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Greetings to the German team in the World Cup

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Mario Gotesch has been dropped from the German team for the World Cup in Russia. In the last World Cup tweet to the midfielder Joachim Low’s team, which won Germany, said, “Good luck Seeing Mario Gottesk, Sandro’s partner could have forgotten his own hardships. In the last World Cup final, …

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Do not think he is wrong about losing Argentina’s World Cup Higuain

Higuin, worldsportinfo

How will Argentina in the World Cup? The answer to this question depends on the respondent. Brazil’s supporters’ answer does not match the answer to the neutral supporters. No one will respond to Argentine supporters. But on one topic, everyone will agree, Argentina’s fortune will depend on Gonzalo Higuain! Surprising …

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