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The mystery then this ‘three s’

Bangladesh football

What is the secret of your nature? With regard to this jingle known to the advertisement, Jamie, who is the coach of the Bangladesh National Football Team, asked, How is changing the form of Bangladesh? What will the British coach answer? Maybe there will be many explanations to come forward. …

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Scandal with money to sex workers.

Japan's Chef the Mission Yasuhiro Yamanashi apologized to the whole nation. Photo: AFP

Head in shame! The word seemed symbolic. When the Japan team’s chef the mission said goodbye to Japan, press conference journalists said. Japan’s head that really drifted. In the Asian Games, four players on their basketball team have been scandalously scandalized. The sex workers came out at the dinner for …

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The way Bangladesh Football team changed.

Riasat new Jersey jersey Photo: Facebook

Any signal in advance that the passover was not found. Foot shout was not found. Arranged to announce the news that silence! The country’s football was in the dark of frustration a few days ago due to constant rate and negative activity. Who will show the light of hope, the …

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Bangladesh’s Asian Games started with football today.

Asian game. Bangladesh, WSI

Four days later, Asian Games will be screened in two Asian cities. One week before the official launch of the Games, football is one of the most exciting events in the field. Indonesia’s Jakarta settled in Palembang, the 18th edition of Asia’s biggest sports competition. On August 18, the Games …

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British Jamie Dai is the coach of Bangladesh


British Jamie Dai is the coach of Bangladesh Clear championship in Dhaka in September. In front of this competition, the teams have already started preparing for the preparations. But due to the lack of coaching it was not happening in Bangladesh. Today BFF has named the new coaches, British Jamie …

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