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Cristiano Ronaldo's debut was not enough for his fans in Juventus's jersey in Italy. Is his debut really flop?

Ronaldo’s debut is flop?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut was not enough for his fans in Juventus’s jersey in Italy. Is his debut really flop?

Read the analytics His debut was the eye of the Kyiv-Juventus match. Cristiano Ronaldo, how did the debut, after a long time, the Italian League got back the old amaz. When watching Juventus League matches last, so many watchers watched on TV, no one could remember. Ronaldo has tweeted that he had tweeted before the match. But Ronaldo could not spread the light, for whom he was so much organized.

Ronaldo did not score any goals in the field of Kiev, but could not score any goals with his teammates. Many of Juventus supporters could not fill Ronaldo’s debut. The whole of Quaver’s salary is more than his salary. Equality of courtesy of suicide by losing a losing streak against a team that lasted 13 times, equality, from here added time to win. Juventus fans are a little harder to fill the mind. But Ronaldo really was very lonely? Or does it look like the expectation of the Portuguese Forward? It is necessary to get the help of statistics. In the first half of the match, Ronaldo played as a full number nine. There was more present in the D box. But Ronaldo has returned to his favorite left-end after leaving Mario Manjukich in the second half. As a result, Ronaldo’s presence is also well-known. The team has made an additional contribution to the game. Seeing tomorrow’s match hit map, it is understood that the number is not nine, yet Ronaldo loves to stay in the wings.

Ronaldo has often played as an uncredited number Nine for Real Madrid last season.

From there, he scored one goal per match. Ronaldo got the opportunity to score several times yesterday. It took a total of eight times, but it had four goals (in the round post). However, if the goalkeeper did not stop, the goal would be to get two goals in those four shots. One shot was great. Three defender of his own efforts tried to take a shot in the far posting.


In addition to taking a shot, Ronaldo has contributed to the team’s game, as well as understanding that in the following picture.

A total of 57 balls have been taken in the field. How many times have been seen in midgather. Only after the last 30 minutes on the left side of the ground, there is still the most wins in the wings and the opponent has to face the most danger. Wingye is still more relaxed, Ronaldo. As a whole number nine, the plan to play Ronaldo may be delayed for a while, Maximiliano Allegie After adjusting to the new teammates, maybe you can play the full length of the game in Juventus.


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