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Neymar when Ronaldo
Neymar when Ronaldo

Neymar when Ronaldo

Everyone has started to overcome the disappointment of the World Cup.

The international friendly match and the UEFA Nations Cup in Europe this week begins. Brazil will play friendly matches on September 8 and 12. The team has already flown in the United States.

Neymar Kutinohora is now busy practicing with two opponents, both against the United States and El Salvador.

There was a hobby of Cristiano Ronaldo woke up in Neymar Brazil’s practice means fun, murderous among the teammates. Now the team has been re-arranged again. Neymar-Cassemirora is not getting the two players in the same way as Marcelo.

He lacks Neymar, however, he is lacking. For the first time, Brazilian players Andreas Pereira and Richardson were welcomed to the team in exceptional ways.

After that, Ronaldo and Ronaldo have had the pleasure of having fun. The training was going on in Brazil with a shot from the D box. Neymar took the ball right on the side. Then, in a tricky shot, the goalkeeper was sent to the net without any chance.

Great one goal. However, the goal of celebrating the goal was to make him forget the goal.

One hand started pulling up and started running. Ronaldo’s trademark race in real Madrid jersey As the celebration became a little old, he also showed a new celebration. In the past few years, Ronaldo celebrated the ‘CEU’, spreading his hand with the famous jumps. Neymar’s fascination with Ronaldo is nothing new Messi’s left and right-hand corner of Ronaldo said in 2015 Neymar, however, was never a fan of Ronaldo, like clubmate Ambap. Never seen ‘CEU’ as an ABAP, he could never be seen. Nor did the seven number jersey like the French forward ever wear. That’s why Neymar’s celebrations like Ronaldo are giving birth to discussions.

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