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Nepal also got leg spinner, but Bangladesh ..

There was a sight to see Kal Firoz Shah Kotla. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina are undergoing a tough test, Sandeep Llamichan to play just the second match of the IPL.

Dhoni, who hit six balls of Lemichan, could not hit a boundary, took 5 singles. Raina, at one stage, was 17-year-old Nepalese leg-spinner with a good wicket in Google. Nepalis are certainly happy to see the Lemichan bowling, they have also got a great leg-spinner. Lameen, who has got only two matches to play in the IPL, took a different look. Although the statistics are not very bright, the Nepalese leg-spinner with 1 wicket for 21 runs against Chennai, who took 1 for 25 in the first match against Bengaluru, said very well about his immense possibilities. In the first round of the 2016 World Cup held in Bangladesh, with hat-tricks in front of Ireland, Liamans came in the first round. The second highest wicket-taker in the tournament After him, Michael Clarke’s interest to the former Australian captain, lasting with the IPL, to the limelight.

Another achievement of Lemachan, the ICC World XI also got an opportunity to recall the name of Shakib Al Hasan. Now the 17-year-old leggy has become the face of Nepal cricket. Now in Nepal cricket, the pleasure of a great leg-spinner, However, Yogon Yojan ahead of Nepal will be heard in the ears of Bangladesh in front of a leg-spinner wailing. A few days later, Bangladesh is going to play the T20 series against Afghanistan, this is also going to be a leg-spinner. There is a Rashid Khan in the Afghanistan squad, thinking that Mushfiq-Tamim is very big. There is a great leg-spinner in the opposition team, so Bangladesh cannot say that they are favorites in this series

If Afghanistan-Nepal gets great leg-spinners, why not see it in Bangladesh squad?

Jubair Hossain, who had appeared like a lot of comet in Bangladesh cricket a year ago. He had lost his way even though he made a great promise. Team management, selectors, and even domestic cricket teams have responsibility for their responsibility as they have lost their way. If we lost our way, Zubair was properly in the ministry, he could raise the question. However, Zubair has to take a huge responsibility to just fill the gap of the leg-spinner of Bangladesh, that is not sure.

What was the result of the Spinner Discovery Program that BCB did last year?

In the initial stage of the ‘Search: The Number One Spinner’ program organized by BCB and mobile phone operator Robi, the 10 people who were selected by the end of the ten thousand spinners, four of the top 10 were leg spinners, a ‘champion’ Earlier, BCB’s New Development Committee chief Khaled Mahmud said, “We did not actually get the talent that we were looking for,” said Spin Hunt, the head of BCB’s game development committee. It does not have a good talent in it, it is difficult to force it to build. Yet we are not disappointed. I hope you can. There are some good boys. Not at all, it is not. ‘ After some practice camps, the spinners from Spin Hunt are now spraying. Someone is playing in the age group, someone in their divisional team. Coach Wahidul Gani, who was responsible for picking the spinner, asked time to get a talented leg-spinner, ‘It will take a while. Not so fast. Hopefully, they will come up slowly.

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