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Messi sees success in the World Cup

Where will Argentina be happy if you see Argentina in the World Cup? The question does not arise after winning the title, but in the semi-finals of the World Cup, Messi has success.

Argentina will dream of winning the title in the World Cup, that’s normal. Twice world champions have played in the last World Cup. If he is in the team, then Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero’s footballer, then it is not unusual to see the title of winning the title. But if it is said, where will Messi be happy when he sees Argentina in the World Cup? Must win the title, but certainly, Messi will be happy in the semi-finals. The success of World Football’s biggest festival is the success of the Argentine star. Messi said in an interview to Argentine TV channel ‘TYC Sports’, “The last four will be good for the World Cup. Argentina is right there, history says so. But it is hard work to do. In my opinion, we have to get back to this stage again. Messi talks about many topics in this open-ended interview. The 2016 Copa América announced the retirement from the national team in the fray. After the retirement of the Argentine jersey returned. The decision to leave the national team still burns Messi, “after making the announcement, I did not fix the job. Those people who fight to make their dreams come true, they get the wrong message. You should fight for whatever you want. ‘ Messi, however, had already kept the promise, but if he can not win the World Cup, he will be playing in the national team. The 30-year-old Barcelona forward said, “Even if I can not win the World Cup, I will continue playing in the national team

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