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Messi is two and a half years in prison!
Messi is two and a half years in prison!

Messi is two and a half years in prison!

Lionel Messi’s brother, Matias Messi, was arrested last year for keeping illegal weapons. In the case of the case, Matias ordered the jail sentence for two and a half years. But he is not going to jail Listen to the incident without being overwhelmed by the title.

Lionel Messi’s older brother, Matthias Messi, was caught with bloody weapons last year. Matias has been sentenced to two and a half years in the verdict of the case But 35-year-old Mathias is not going to jail. According to the Argentine press, Mauritius will do social work instead of jailing on the basis of the contract with the investigating prosecutor of the case.

Mathias was killed in a boat crash last year near Rosario. At the time of rescue, a weapon of 0.38 caliber blood was found in the boat.

He was arrested in the case of illegal arms-keeping case but was later released. Matias took treatment for a few days in the hospital. His lawyer then told that Matias was in an accident in the sand dam and the weapon was not his. At the time of the punishment, the club leonesses to teach children to play football, Matthias will be Apart from this, renovation of houses and houses, including mental health, will also be taken. This counseling has to be done for at least eight hours a month.

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