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Messi disappoint for no penalties

Argentina have lost the semi-finals 2-0 in the semi-final Argentina Lionel Messi could not win anything for the national team despite trying again. But despite losing the match, he got a lot of pride to see the team’s game.

Another international tournament, once again Messi returns to the empty hands. Now the swanky Brazil Argentine Copa América won the title of 2-0 to the arch-rivals. Two strikers Roberto Fermino and Gabriel Jesús scored goals for Brazil. Argentina, however, has found a lot more positive from the match.

Messi is ready to try again with a new enthusiasm. The main goal is to cooperate with the team as much as possible with the players of the current team, ‘If the team wants my help, I agree to help at any cost. I liked playing with this team. The result was not for us, but today we have shown that we can play very well if we need to. “

Brazil played quite a bit in the whole match. Their defense was immovable. Even in this defense, Argentina, which has managed to get a little bit of a rift, is the reason for that Messi. Messi gave one chance to each other after Aguero, The Paul, Laatoro Martínezad. However, with the firmness of the Brazilian defense, Messi could not score due to losing the chance of Argentine players. “I think we played very well today. We’ve tried so much, showing that Brazil is not a better team than we are. ‘

He is not happy with the referee’s role in the match, claiming that he did not get two penalty points, “Brazil got their first goal in advance. But then Aguero was not given a fair penalty. I thought we could get two penalties. In the case of Ottamendi and Kun (Aguero). But we have been denied. Match officials played the match quite badly. Video Assistant Referee needed but it was not helped. These are incredible. We tried a lot, but unfortunately did not score. We got the ball twice in the goalpost.

Peru and Chile will compete in the second semifinal. Brazil will play the final against the winning team on 7th.

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