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Many benefits of purchasing Shakib by 2 crores Hyderabad

After the release of Kolkata Knight Riders, the uncertainty of whether the team will get the IPL or not, it is not possible to swap it. Finally the IPL team got the IPL. But there was not a lot of competition with the all-rounder in the auction. Rajasthan Royals showed some interest, but Sunrise is not much more than Hyderabad. Shakib’s price was not more than two crore rupees because of not having a lot of tension. Now, the performance of the IPL, Hyderabad franchisee can say, ‘Benefits of buying Shakib’, great benefit! He is the pure all-rounder, who can bowl, one of the team’s confidence in batting. Again the fielding is extraordinary – this whole package is Shakib, three out of one! In this category, Ben Stokes, Andre Russell, Hardik Pandiyara will partner with Shakib. But look at their prices, Stokes bought Rajasthan 12.5 million rupees. Kolkata is giving eight million rupees to Rasel and Pandia gets 11 crore rupees. If compared with these three, Shakib performed with all the all-rounders. Never been ahead of Stokes-Russell. If Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan and Riddhiman Saha fail to bat, why would they have to handle the big responsibility of handling the middle order with the Wilayammasan Shakib? Even though he did not get a single fee yet, considering the situation, Shakir’s 30-35 runs are becoming very important. Shakib has not scored more than Stokes-Russell-Pandey But remember that Shakib is batting most often at the bowlers-friendly wicket of the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium. Now Shakib is the most praised in the IPL due to bowling. Shakib is the best batsman to be bowling this season this season. The most difficult test for the spinners is in the power play. The time to come to attack Shakib in this time. He is also giving good credit to the captain’s confidence. In fact, the top order has been hit, miserably bowling. The 12 wickets we got, the four got the power play. His ECONOMIE 7.80 in power play, the percentage of dot balls is even better – 41.66 The batsmen have to wait for 5 balls to beat Shakib as a boundary. Shakib won six sixes (below 150 runs), which has contributed significantly to the ball in most matches. Both were also the strongest claimants of match-fixing. There might be a debate over why his reward was not won. Not only with performance, since the Bangladesh Test and T20 captain, he has assisted Williamson in many ways with his knowledge from his experience. Bowling, batting, fielding, team think tank – not three in one, Shakib four! Compared with Stokes-Russell’s remuneration, Hyderabad All-rounder got cheap chess. Cricket website Cricinfo says to Shakib, ‘Underrated’

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