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Is Kohli the best in Indian cricket?
Is Kohli the best in Indian cricket?

Is Kohli the best in Indian cricket?

Indian cricket does not lack face as an ‘advertisement’. But Kohli is the biggest advertisement for a few years. His name will also easily fall into the list of the two best batsmen in the current world. One of the most popular cricketers in the country since he took office, he is the head of Indian cricket. But the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has explained that the idea is wrong. Kohli also has to be held accountable.

BCCI sought accountability for Kohli after India were eliminated from the World Cup semifinals. This was stated by Binod Rai, chief of the board’s administrators (COA), in an interview to The Indian Express. Kohli’s performance in India has been criticized after being dropped from the World Cup semifinals. Many then raised the question, whether Kohli’s accountability should be asked for this? There was also talk, what would be accountable! Kohli is the best player in Indian cricket.

Vinod Rai said the idea of ​​not answering to Kohli was completely ‘wrong’. In the interview, the COA chief said, “It’s good to have a balance. If the team is bad, I don’t think it’s just the captain. There has been a lot of talk about closing the door … and so it is wrong to suppose that Kohli did not want any reply to the World Cup (Semi). “

Kohli’s intervention in the selection of coaches in the Indian national team has been widely discussed in the country’s media. Kohli was directly involved in being a coach in the first term of Robi Shastri, media reported. It was alleged that Kohli was disliked because he removed Anil Kumble. The Indian media column discussed that no one could remove Shastri for the same reason in the second term. And so Vinod Rai was asked, is Kohli in charge of all the decisions?

Drawing on Kumble’s example, Vinod Rai explains, ‘There was no condition for extending Kumble’s contract. Whether we can raise it is a question. Personally, I had to abide by the right process even though I was in favor of growing up. That’s what I told you to follow. Applying for a coach, interviewing, and then choosing the right person. You can call me a fool but I didn’t know what was going on between the coach and the captain at the time. “

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