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Fobul victim and three match ban Embappe

Fobul victim and three match ban Embappe

Writing on paper, the opponent’s player has been banned for three matches by the Kylian Mbabpe.

But in front of Nimes, the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) match-eyed interviewer will say only that the punishment for the foul fall was given to PSG Forward. The league went on to play at the start of this week at Nims’ ground.

The hosts were unable to cope with the French champions’ attack. In particular, Ampap had kept the whole match in jeopardy with Nimsk.

It is the unfortunate incident during the match. In the 4-2 lead, another attack was planned by Embappe. In such a situation, Tommy Savanniyera of Nimce furiously fumed him. He had a good chance of being hit with a tacky blow. Naturally, the mishap Going down to Savanniyera, pushing the light causes the reason.

Since no aggressive approach can be made to the opponent on the field, Embaap saw the red card for this reason.

Sawnier’s forehead on the forehead for a tough deal. Abba has apologized to the supporters later on. However, if someone does something like this in the future, then do not give him a discount. Although coach Tommel accepted the matter of red card, he did not see any fault in his player’s behavior. The reason is that the Tuckel can claim that any players in the deal to finish the carrier may lose control.

Since both of them saw the red card directly, it was sure that this punishment would not be limited to one match.

The French league’s disciplinary committee said the three players in the red card are getting the ban, the youngest player in the World Cup As a result, Embap will not be on the field against St Etienne, Rene, and Reims. However, there is no obstacle in the Champions League match against Liverpool on 18 dates. Embaeppe is getting a lot of comforts. Even Savanniyo, who was tackled by him, did not escape punishment. We should see this game from the five-match gallery to the midfielder.

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