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Barca is not a teammate, Raketchich's eyes are the best in the world is Madrid

Barca is not a teammate, Raketchich’s eyes are the best in the world is Madrid

Ronaldo no Messi, who is the best? In this question, the whole football is divided into two divisions.

Everyone has an interest in knowing who gives an answer. However, if the respondent is a member of two specific clubs, then the interest will not remain. Even last season Ronaldo of Real Madrid players Cristiano Ronaldo And Barcelona’s players Lionel Messi answers.

This season has left Real. As a result, Los Blanco’s answer to the question of the world’s best players cannot be heard anymore.

But Messi is in Barcelona at the same time. So there is no scope for the Catalan to change the name of the world’s best player. But a player from Barcelona says Messi is not the best player in the world. The crown is now Luca Madrid in Real Madrid! Madrice spent an incredible World Cup Croatia is playing this World Cup final for the midfielder’s magic and Ivan Rakitich’s steelmaker Nerve. At the end of the World Cup, the two returned to whose club, rival Real and Barca. But the national team’s teammate has not had the charm yet.

The best player of the World Cup winner, Madrice, now the best player in the world, he once again reminded everyone.

‘Lukai is the biggest name of La Liga now. He is the best player in the world this year and we are proud of him. “In an interview given to the Navy List, Rakitich said,” One of his prizes is to win (Ballon d’Or). I hope he deserves it. “In the 2017/18 season, the UEFA player has been selected as the best player. Former midfielder Ronaldo topped this midfielder Although Ronaldo did not say anything directly, his agent Jorge Mendes had heard many things. Messi Ufafe did not get the best four. After UEFA, FIFA The Best has replaced Mohammed Salah, Rodrigo, Marad and Ronaldo. In this case, there have been criticisms of Messi’s absence. Rakhiyechich was blown away these criticisms, “They (critics) actually envy Luka. Let them die in the envy of their jealousy. I’m proud of him and so happy that I feel like I’m winning this award. This is why Madrusha’s charm means, but Rakshitich does not forget about his club.

Barcelona did not have the chance to increase the wages that many people love. Given the opportunity to go to PSG or other clubs, only Barcelona did not get any chance, ‘I have heard the buzz of going from Barcelona to many. There were some suggestions. Several big clubs wanted me But I have reached the conclusions that I am happy to be here and proud to be part of such a big club. I have been part of a great story in Barcelona for a while and it’s not time to go. And was it easy for anyone to decide to leave Barcelona?

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