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First France, Ten out of Argentina, Germany 15!

First France, Ten out of Argentina, Germany 15!

• One in 15 places in Germany

• Argentina has six points behind

• Bangladesh is in 194 places as before

World Cup win means only the world. However, the ranking has got to accept it. That means mathematical calculations. The hard-hitting calculations of the calculations, however, are singing France’s quality.

Paul Pogadas’ team has emerged as the world’s second-biggest world champion team for the second time. Belgium, the third in the World Cup, has moved up one place to second place. After winning the 1998 World Cup, France had to face the top spot in the rankings. In the runner-up, Brazil was so prominent in the ranking. France won the first place in 2001, first time in France. However, after being excluded from the group stage in the World Cup, the knock-outs, and never came to France, This year’s World Cup has been with Germany.

In the World Cup, two games in two matches, 14 steps back to Germany, the world number 15 team in the world. The World Cup has caused many problems in Argentina. Lionel Messi’s team has slipped 6 points. Argentina have now lost 11 out of the top 10. And Argentina won the prize by reaching Croatia 3-0 in the group stage. The country has returned to the 16th rank ahead of the four. Croresia did not touch the record after being third in the World Cup in 1998, third in the rankings. Brazil have not suffered a lot in the World Cup quarter-finals. The country has taken two to three countries. Five World Cup Uruguay, which has been the best performer for South America, has nine steps ahead. There has been no change in Bangladesh’s position in the ranking today. 194th place is in Bangladesh. India is one step ahead of 96th position Sri Lanka and Pakistan retain 200th and 200st rank as before.

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