After returning from New Zealand, Soumya-Sadman has been busy with the Dhaka Premier League. Photo: Prothom Alo

It is not easy to get past the events of Christchurch fast. When alone at the house, maybe in front of the eyes, terrorist attacks in the Al Nur mosque in Christchurch. The survivors who survived for a little bit. Many cricketer of the team has chosen cricket to overcome the mental inconvenience. Despite having the opportunity of rest, they have been busy with the Dhaka Premier League. It also gets benefits.

Mominul Haque has scored 55 runs in the Premier League for the Legends of Rupganj.

His batting against Mohammedan did not feel like coming back to the big trauma. How can he get accustomed to the normal life, said the left-handed top-order batsman, “It was a lot of fear in the beginning. I was very scared there. When I came to Bangladesh, a lot has been fixed. I came home and found my parents. They came to Dhaka’s home from Cox’s Bazar. Back to the family, everything seems normal. There has been a lot of emotional pushing. But it is not possible to say that it was completely done. ‘ When there is no work, there is no work, only then Memonul’s memories come back to memory, ‘I do not remember anything during the game. When I am alone, I remember. That’s why I started playing back from New Zealand. Do not miss anything when you engage in something. ‘ Soumya Sarkar also said the same thing. When you do not spend time alone or busy in your home, remember that Christchurch’s brutal events. That’s why he was busy in the Premier League, like Mominul, ‘What will be the rest? Play is my job. Playing with the thought of playing everything will be normal. It feels good to be at the field right now.

Instead of being alone at home, I remember the incident more. Practices, matches, performance-if all involved, then nothing else comes into consideration. ‘ The young left-hander, Sadman Islam, is still far behind in Christchurch. His full attention is in the Premier League. Sadman said confidently, after returning to the country, it has become normal for him, ‘Now thinking about the game. I forgot the rest! If the game is with the family then forget about it all. Really, that incident does not even remember a lot. There is no problem paying attention to the game. I joined the practice again. Have not slept for a day. I do not live in the house. If you do not practice sports, you can spend time walking around.