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Brazil in Copa final

Messi’s Argentine dream was broken again Argentina defeated Brazil 2-0 in the semi-final of Copa América Brazil won the Copa América final by winning this title. Today, during the time of Wednesday, Brazilian and Argentine Copa America’s first semi-finals were held in Belo Horizonte, Estadio Minerao, Brazil and Argentina. In …

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First France, Ten out of Argentina, Germany 15!

Franch, Argentina, WSI

• One in 15 places in Germany • Argentina has six points behind • Bangladesh is in 194 places as before World Cup win means only the world. However, the ranking has got to accept it. That means mathematical calculations. The hard-hitting calculations of the calculations, however, are singing France’s …

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2 crore gamerake lost 2 crore taka

world sport info WSI Soudi Arab

Saudi Arabia’s Mossad has won nearly two crores in the Bangladeshi population by winning FIFA World Cup. When you hear the news and say, playing video games while playing, I could have played better! Because the FIFA Ebiscup champion has won one and a half million dollars. Bangladeshi numeral which …

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Maradona does not expect the Argentine team as like that

world sport info diago meradona

Prepress medicines in one hand, and the pressure machine in the other hand! Diego Maradona will be able to see the World Cup matches. He is not the only believer in the 1986 World Cup hero. In the words of Maradona, there was a possibility that Argentina could be caught …

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Do not think he is wrong about losing Argentina’s World Cup Higuain

Higuin, worldsportinfo

How will Argentina in the World Cup? The answer to this question depends on the respondent. Brazil’s supporters’ answer does not match the answer to the neutral supporters. No one will respond to Argentine supporters. But on one topic, everyone will agree, Argentina’s fortune will depend on Gonzalo Higuain! Surprising …

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German player insults the participant: say low

The World Cup is not the main team, initially 27 people named German coach Joachim Low. Sandro Kagnaar did not find his name in this team. The striker has retired from the national team at the age of 30 only after being angry. The German Coach has rehearsed this decision. …

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The World Cup will not be there anymore

world sport info football news

Only 26 days left for the World Cup, The Great Show on Earth. Surely, football fans have started counting on the doodle. The first light online also started with ‘Count Down’. There is a special composition on continuous calculation every day. Today is the number 26 Why did 26 numbers …

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Germany will win the World Cup this year, claims Swiss Bank UBS

Future speakers are seen in the World Cup. Sometimes it is octopus, sometimes they are panda, now the cats show up. However, one of the lifelong organizations in the animal kingdom has understood that responsibility. The addition of the plus-minus, complex integral equations, is the name of the possible World …

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England announces 23-member final squad for World Cup

Between the cold and the rain, the year stood by the field. Mother, we are going to the World Cup. ‘ Markus Rashford’s tweet tells a lot of things. The World Cup has to be won, such pressure may have pushed Messi and Neymar into the neck. But Manchester United’s …

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Saudi referee banned by fixing proposal

The referee Fahad-Al-Mirdadai was caught with Saudi Arabia’s King Cup fixing proposal. The Football Federation of Saudi Arabia has banned him for a lifetime. In addition, they requested FIFA, Miradassi was truncated from the referee’s list in the World Cup   Last year the FIFA Confederations Cup could be alarming …

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