Broome Vroom! President of the country’s motorcycle stunt!

Indonesia President Joko Widodo stunt motorcycle ride in the opening ceremony Photo: Reuters
Indonesia President Joko Widodo stunt motorcycle ride in the opening ceremony Photo: Reuters

Playing with the Queen! In the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, British film director Danny Boyle did the impossible.

The queen had to jump from the plane to get to the London Olympic Stadium! Of course, no one stuntman jumped. The opening ceremony of the upcoming Asian Games will not be a surprise. Surprised organizer Indonesian President Joko Widodo He came to the stadium with a motorcycle.

Not a live video, the video of the scene of the presidential bicycle leaving the stadium was shown.

Wyodo left the presidential building in the motor vehicle. But due to the notorious traffic congestion in the capital, he was forced to go down the motorcycle to the motorcycle.
After crossing the lane, the President was seen to jump on the other cars and then went to the President. False, except for everything else in the opening ceremony, the discussion is just about what is Vidodo. Most Indonesians are proud of their president, there are criticisms. How the president runs a motorcycle in a ruckus, the criticism is about it. The video did not do all that, but some parts were made by Stuntman.
However, some of the Indonesians could not come. They have been praising the President for social media.
On Twitter, one has compared Willodo to Hollywood star Tom Cruise, ‘It is possible in Indonesia, it is possible in Indonesia. Our President resembles Tom Cruise as Mission Impossible movie. Shabash Jokowi You’re the best. Jokowi Widora’s nickname.

Some, however, are blaming the president for irresponsible behavior.

Some people have questioned what would have happened if an accident or a militant attack. Opposition politicians say that the problem of nation’s attention has shifted from the other side to the surprise.


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