Argentina was not called to Messi?

The star of this match will be played against Venezuela. Photo: AFP

Former Argentine coach Caesar Lui Menotti does not see Messi anymore Lionel Messi has gone on many occasions in the Real Madrid field. Barcelona’s antagonists have consumed nakani-chubani many times in their home. But Messi stepped down the real practice center Valledbebaj There, with the teammates working in the Argentine jersey. This Argentine retired from the national team after the last World Cup, voluntarily retired. Messi has returned to the country’s jersey after being out for more than eight months. Pretty match will be played in Copa América preparation. Meanwhile, former Argentine coach Caesar Luoye Menotti said that Messi and Sergio did not take Aguero in the team when he was in charge of the team. Menotti is now serving as the general manager of the Argentina national team.

The first World Cup (1978) by his hand won Argentina Menubar’s reasoning behind the idea that Messi-Aguero did not call the national team, “I personally do not think Messi-Aguero is the ideal time to call the national team. I did not call Messi at all. The same thing is also in the case of Aguero. They are having hard time combining cups and other indexes. And there is nothing to analyze this match (friendly match). It has already happened. ‘

আর্জেন্টাইন সতীর্থদের সঙ্গে অনুশীলন করছেন মেসি। ছবি: এএফপি
Messi is working with Argentine teammates. Photo: AFP

Argentina will face Venezuela on Friday in Watta Metropolitano, the field of Atletico Madrid. Four days later, Lionel Schlönne’s team will play another friendly match against Morocco. Earlier it was known that Messi will play a friendly match against Venezuela only. Copa América will be launched in Brazil on June 14 in the Latin American Grand Prix Tournament. Messi is a great form before he gets to the national team.

Barca scored a hat-trick in the last match against Real Betis. Messi reached the top of La Liga with a total of 29 goals in the European Golden Shoe. His score number 29 Kylian Mbabpe, the PSG star of the second French League, is reduced by 3 goals in less than Messi