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Another bad news for Real Madrid.
Another bad news for Real Madrid.

Another bad news for Real Madrid.

Who will fill Real Madrid in Cristiano Ronaldo? Eden Hazard has said he is not coming to Bernabeu The start of the Real Madrid season is not good at all.

Before the start of the season, the history-born coach Zinedine Zidane got out. Cristiano Ronaldo has left the club to open the store. Neymar and later Kylian Mbabp’s name were heard to fill the gap in the Portuguese Forward But both of them officially reported themselves unwillingly. But who will fill the vacant place of Ronaldo? Naturally, the names of Harry Cain, Mohammad Salah have come.

The words of Robert Lebdaffsky, Mauro Eikardi. But most of the sound was heard of Eden Hazard.

He has been involved with Real Madrid since 2012. It’s heard at every group, Hazard or going to Real. In this year’s World Cup, he played a great deal of interest, he deliberately left the discussion, the Belgian The best player of the World Cup is really in the realm, and can be a real focus on the second best player. Hazard’s father split the bombs in front of the media in the middle of last season. He said his son wanted to play on Real Jersey. After the end of the World Cup, Hazard himself also made the buzz strong.

He said, all of you know that I want to play for a team.

Reality is not just a journalist but everyone who follows the football knows about it. So there was hope of seeing Hazard in the realm. Especially for the Hazard, the world record breaking buzz has started again. But yesterday Hazard himself stopped the buzz. In England, the chaos market is already over. It will continue till 31 August in Spain. As a result, Chelsea might be able to snatch Hazard, if Hazard wanted. But the 27-year-old forward did not tell much about any desire, “Everyone knows what I said after the World Cup. I’m happy here. I do not want to say anything at this time. There are a lot of things to say about this, there were also foul words. Speaking of the present, I am happy. My contract still has two years left and then we will see what happens.

I’m not going (this year). ‘ Real white jersey that he never hid his choice. So why are you going to stop the road to Real Estate Hazard? Chelsea fans will take him to the club legend after hearing his answer, “The exchange of money in England is already closed. We may be able to sell but can not bring a new one. It would be a very strange decision not to leave me any more than a new person (for Chelsea). I liked how much fans liked me against Arsenal. I’m relaxed here. What can be seen after one or two years.

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