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After the drama, Griezmann came to Barcelona
After the drama, Griezmann came to Barcelona

After the drama, Griezmann came to Barcelona

The Spanish champions came in Barcelona with a five-year deal with 120 million Euros. But Atletico has claimed that Barcelona will have to pay more for Griezmann.

The fans of Barcelona have not forgotten about the last season. It was a kind of agreement with the consent of Satyan Griezmann to come to Barcelona. But at the very last moment, Germain said in a video message that he will be in Barcelona, ​​not at Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid. In spite of the possibility, the fans of Barcelona were quite unhappy about Griezmann withdrawal in the last minute. After just one season, the French star joined Barcelona in exchange for 120 million Euros from Atletico.

Barcelona has confirmed the decision to join Grizman today. The Spanish champions, with the introduction of Atletico, broke the 120-million-out out clause, with Grazman. Grisman came to Barcelona for five-year contract Under the agreement, the World Cup-winning French footballer will be part of the Barça until June 30, 2024. For the grisman, the 800 million euros out-of-clauses have also been set by Barcelona.

However, Atletico has claimed that 120 million euros for grisman will not be enough. Because of the reason, they said, when Barcelona decided to contract with Griezmann, the clause was not 120 million, but rather 200 million. The amount of money that has been deposited (for Griezmann) is not enough to break his release clauses, therefore, demanding more money for Griezmann. Because it is clear, before they came down from 200 million to 120 million, the agreement was signed between them. “

When a club is unwilling to sell any of its players, other clubs may purchase it by paying the release clause for that player. In that case, there is no direct contact between the two clubs. The club, willing to pay the same amount of release clause, has to pay the money to the concerned league authorities. The league authorities then explain the meaning of the player’s former club. This is exactly the case for the Griezmann agreement. For the Griezmann, 120 million euros have not been Atletico, but Barcelona has explained to La Liga authorities.

The drama that has to be done for this change seems to be offset by a thriller story. He told Gretchen Atletico in May that he wanted to leave the club after the season. But Atletico did not want to leave him. Recently, it was known that Madrid’s Club is thinking of taking legal action against both Germaine and Barcelona. In the current season (2018-1919), he was questioned about the professionalism of his teammates after being indebted to Griezmann.

After so many things, Gritman could not get hold of Atletico. Initially, Griezmann out-clause was 200 million euros. But at the beginning of this month it was forced to downgrade to 120 million atletico. In a video message in May last, “I decided to change the club to taste the new experience and to take new challenges. I had a lot of trouble in making this decision, but I think it is useful for me. I want to thank everyone for the love that the supporters gave me for five years. I will always remember the extraordinary moments spent for the club. You will always be in my heart. I tried to give my best, tried to use it all the time. Thank you very much, goodbye. ‘

The 28-year-old star is now the world’s sixth-fastest football player, joining Barça for 120 million euros. Grisman joined Atletico for 30 million euros from Real Sociedad 2014, earning 133 goals in 256 matches for Atletico. Grasman contributed an important contribution in bringing Sosiyedad from the second division to the first division

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