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30 Football World Cup Info

World Cup upcoming And only a month, then begins the World Cup festival. Starting in Uruguay in 1930, this World Cup is now known as ‘Greatest Show on Earth’. How many diverse history, diverse phenomena witness the most interesting sports festival in the world. The following 30 information can be presented in front of your eyes, the whole world cup.

1- This is the first time Russia is hosting the World Cup.

2- Italy could not cross the World Cup qualification for the second time only. After confirming the World Cup, Saudi Arabia has pruned two coaches.

3- Brazilian legend Pele has got the taste of winning most of the World Cup.

4- Only 4 teams won all the matches of one World Cup. Uruguay (1930.4), Italy (1938,4), Brazil (1970-6 and 2002)! 5- Russia’s Oleg Salenko (1994, opponent Cameroon) recorded the highest goals in a match.

6- 6 host teams won the World Cup.

7- 7 players scored at least 10 goals in the World Cup. The shortest time is the hat-trick record. In 1982, Hungary’s Lasalis Kiss scored a hat-trick in 59-76 minutes against El Salvador.

8- Only eight teams won the World Cup.

9- win the biggest difference in the World Cup. Hungary defeated El Salvador by 10-1 goals in the 1982 World Cup. 10-South Korea is taking part in 10 World Cups as the only team in Asia

11- Sukur is the fastest goal in the World Cup. In 2002, the Turkish player scored 11 seconds in the match.

12- The World Cup will be played in 12 stadiums.

13- Jean Fontenay of France is the highest scorer in a World Cup.

14 – Spain did not win the last 14 games in the World Cup.

15- This is the 15th World Cup in England and France.

16- Highest goal scorer in the World Cup, Miroslav Kloster’s goal.

17-ton record of unbeaten stay. Bulgaria won 17 of the matches from 1962 to 1994.

18 – Colombia played 18 matches in the World Cup There have been at least one goal in every match.

19- South Africa, the remaining 19 hosts played the second phase.

20- Most of Germany’s World Cup Germany wins (20). Uruguay wins (20)

21 – Brazil is playing 21 World Cups as the only team.

22- Tony Moyla of the United States led the world at the youngest age (1990, opponent Czechoslovakia)

23 – The highest goal of a tournament in France (1958), while not playing the final. Scotland’s record of not being able to cross the group stage after playing most matches is Scotland’s record.

24 – The number of teams climbed to the last four of the World Cup.

25 – Mexico is the highest rate in the World Cup The 26th World Cup will be held in

26- 2038. It will be the last World Cup in the current trophy, and there will be no room left for writing the name of the winner.

27 – Denmark’s goals in the World Cup, all come from the D-box.

28- Most red cards were shown in 2006.

29- Spain win the match in 14 World Cup

30 – The sum of cards found in Brazil (11), Argentina (10) and Uruguay in the World Cup.

Bonus: Australia’s biggest win over World Cup qualifier The team lost American Samoa 31 by 0 goal in 2001

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