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23 years later cricket will get a new champion

23 years later cricket will get a new champion

Australia lost by eight wickets in the final against England. England has been reached 224 runs 117 balls left. This is the first time I lost Australia against England in the World Cup semifinal!

How many years are you waiting for England?

27-year-old England supporter will say When did they play in the last Cricket World Cup in 1992, then they did not turn upside down again. Today, England have been beaten by 8 wickets in the final of the final, like the real fans of the final. Just after 27 years.

Meanwhile, 23 years of waiting for the neutral spectator Cricket was the last new champion in the 1996 World Cup. Sri Lanka celebrated everyone with astonishing festivals. Then there is no chance of getting a new champion long enough. Each time the final is played, at least once the World Cup wins. The opportunity to become a champion of any new team came in the 2015 World Cup. But Australia lost to New Zealand in the final.

That is why Australia beat England today. If Jason Roe was not caught by the unbelievable wrong decision of the umpire, the match would have ended much earlier, not 33rd. It was horrible in the Australia innings that Edgbaston wicket Australia’s top order collapsed by 14 runs. Steve Smith did not stop the all-out effort in the highest effort, Australia, who had stopped at 223 in one over New Zealand won the first semifinal by 18 runs with 239 runs. In the semi-finals of the World Cup, Australia has the record of winning the lowest score. Today, 16 runs more than the 207 runs.

It was not too late to stop the discussion. Mitchell Starc scored 23 runs in the first three overs of Australia, which meant that at least Australia would not be able to bowl at that time, while Brenndorf did not have too much to score a run of runs. Cummins pulled a little bit for Australia, but England got fifty in the first Power Play. After returning from injury to Jason Roe, the opening pair of England again got a terrific form. Australia saw their best form today

After the power play was over, the storm hit the Royals. Only 33 balls need to give the team 50 to the next. Roy and Beyourstor Roy got his 50 before. But Smith’s real image has been found. Captain Finch called the former captain of the original bowlers without any wicket. The result of the test was horrible, L1 runs Roy has shot three strikes in between, the last of which was shelter on the fourth floor of the gallery.

Then again Stink called Finch. The start has also taken Barreto out of his revenge. Mitchell Starc (27) is the highest wicket-taker in a World Cup top of Glenn McGrath. Bairstow, however, did not allow Stark to rejoice immediately. Bairstow (34) took a review because he was not satisfied with the 124-run partnership. It’s a review that was lost. A little later, Bairstow made that decision a big mistake. When Cummins said Kumara Dharmasena was beaten by Roy. Roy finished the review and argued that Wide was standing from behind. But there is no work in it. After seeing Ripley, Roe’s frustration became a rage. Roy scored 9 fours and 5 sixes in 85 balls. England scored 147, while the innings was not 20 overs. Needing 77 runs from 182 still needed England.

Joe Root (49) and Eoin Morgan (45) reached the target with 75 balls. They did not wait late in the 27 years ahead. Both of them have won eight out of four. Only by Brenndorf, there is no other defect except the ball in the air. It was England’s final in the final of 1992. Another thing is certain, finally, in 44 years, cricket is being seen by his sixth champion.

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