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De Villiers’s record may not be broken

world sport info ab de villiers

AB de Villiers retires from international cricket South African jerseys will never be seen in him. There will be no remorse for the national team, nor will it be the scourge to win. Yet the cricket will remember him. Because, he has done incredible things, which nobody else can ever …

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Maradona does not expect the Argentine team as like that

world sport info diago meradona

Prepress medicines in one hand, and the pressure machine in the other hand! Diego Maradona will be able to see the World Cup matches. He is not the only believer in the 1986 World Cup hero. In the words of Maradona, there was a possibility that Argentina could be caught …

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Preity Zinta went on to regret another IPL Once again

world sport info prity zinta mumbai indians ipl indian premier leaugue

Preity Zinta went on to regret another IPL Once again, the dream of winning the IPL remains a dream. The 2018 IPL has not even played the playoffs of Kings XI Punjab. But he is not frustrated, but he is coming to discuss his warm welcome. Mumbai Indians are excluded …

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Mosaddek turned into a long break

mosaddek, bangladesh cricket

Two years ago, Mosaddek made his ODI debut against the Afghans. Mosaddek Hossain has returned to the team after the break against the Afghans. Bangladesh can hope to get another Mosaddek in Twenty20 against the Afghans in Dehradun Mosaddek Hossain has been called in the squad for the Afghanistan series …

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Play-off Rajasthan in Punjab’s Vidya

ipl world sport info cha

Earlier, when batting, Chennai needed to win by 53 runs, against Kings XI Kings XI Punjab. Or after batting, they had to win in 13.4 overs. Punjab scored 153 runs before batting, but could not get to 100 runs in Chennai. Chennai won the match by 5 wickets. At this …

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Barcelona finished the season with a win

barcelona world sport info messi

• Barcelona beat Sociedad 1-0 in 1-0 • Kutinou scored the only goal for Barcelona. • Iniesta played the last match in Barcelona’s jersey 22 years old. Barclays-Iniesta kept one another upside down, like tuberculosis. On Sunday night, Barcelona will not be seen again on Iniesta on Jersey. This long-drawn …

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Greetings to the German team in the World Cup

world sport info football update news fifa

Mario Gotesch has been dropped from the German team for the World Cup in Russia. In the last World Cup tweet to the midfielder Joachim Low’s team, which won Germany, said, “Good luck Seeing Mario Gottesk, Sandro’s partner could have forgotten his own hardships. In the last World Cup final, …

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Carsten is not going to be director of coaching

gary kirsten

Bangalore Royal Challengers have gone out of the IPL Gary Carsten has come to Dhaka from India on the same night. But before coming to Dhaka he has changed. Former South African cricketer will not work for BCB’s director of coaching. Carsten will work with BCB as the only head …

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The grace of the Brazil coach is for the 8 footballers

Brazil 8 footballer

The grace of the Brazil coach is for the 8 footballers There has been a lot of coaches out of the national football team. One of the most discussed was Brazilian Dido. Bangladesh was not doing too much under him. Winning came a couple of But Diego will be remembered …

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Mustafiz is returning empty handed from the IPL


Mostafizur Rahman hoped for new things by writing names in Mumbai Indians. Wanted to introduce myself to the new But at the end of this year the IPL is going to return empty-handed to this bowling star To do well in the tournament, Mostafizur Rahman went to the IPL with …

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Pelé’s magic and the ‘Grandfather’ of the World Cup

world sport info

The World Cup, the Greatest Show on Earth, only 24 days left. Surely, football fans have started counting on the doodle. The first light online also started with ‘Count Down’. There is a special composition on continuous calculation every day. Today is the number ’24’ Huan Gardazejal Have you ever …

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Do not think he is wrong about losing Argentina’s World Cup Higuain

Higuin, worldsportinfo

How will Argentina in the World Cup? The answer to this question depends on the respondent. Brazil’s supporters’ answer does not match the answer to the neutral supporters. No one will respond to Argentine supporters. But on one topic, everyone will agree, Argentina’s fortune will depend on Gonzalo Higuain! Surprising …

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German player insults the participant: say low

The World Cup is not the main team, initially 27 people named German coach Joachim Low. Sandro Kagnaar did not find his name in this team. The striker has retired from the national team at the age of 30 only after being angry. The German Coach has rehearsed this decision. …

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The World Cup will not be there anymore

world sport info football news

Only 26 days left for the World Cup, The Great Show on Earth. Surely, football fans have started counting on the doodle. The first light online also started with ‘Count Down’. There is a special composition on continuous calculation every day. Today is the number 26 Why did 26 numbers …

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Nepal also got leg spinner, but Bangladesh ..

There was a sight to see Kal Firoz Shah Kotla. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina are undergoing a tough test, Sandeep Llamichan to play just the second match of the IPL. Dhoni, who hit six balls of Lemichan, could not hit a boundary, took 5 singles. Raina, at one …

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