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Saudi Arabia's Mossad has won nearly two crores in the Bangladeshi population by winning FIFA World Cup.

2 crore gamerake lost 2 crore taka

Saudi Arabia’s Mossad has won nearly two crores in the Bangladeshi population by winning FIFA World Cup.

When you hear the news and say, playing video games while playing, I could have played better!
Because the FIFA Ebiscup champion has won one and a half million dollars. Bangladeshi numeral which is about two crore 11 lakhs Mascad Al Dosaryi is a lucky and quality player to use a very popular x box for video games. But the two million taka not easily got in hand. The gamer of Saudi Arabia has more than two billion competitors.
More than two hundred competing fields (read online) were dropped for the FIFA World Cup game. From there, various participants from 19 countries were called in the final final of London. Match the 32 countries of the original World Cup.
It has been demonstrated by Mossad Al Dosari in Saudi Arabia.
Mossad beat Belgium’s Stefano Pinak 4-0 in all. And in the hands of the prize money he got $ 250,000 Though it sounds like playing games, it is not easy at all.

The game has been played in front of the audience like other games. And there is a lot of self-sacrifice and hard work needed to do something good.

So, according to the hard work and sacrifice of the champions, Mossad said, ‘This win is for me and my team’s hard work and sacrifice. It’s nice to increase competitive FIFA games, but this is something I could never imagine. Being a world champion, my friends and family dreams have been fulfilled. It’s really incredible to have the opportunity to conquer the audience in front of it. I have lost the word to express in the language. ‘ One time video games were used only for the time spent. Now there is no lack of enthusiasm in this.
That’s what two million gamer’s participants say. In the future, the question has been raised whether the video game will emerge as a mainstream game. FIFA marketing director Jean-François Pathy has said that the FIFA World Cup Grand Finale has provided a tremendous opportunity to advance the professional FIFA gaming of the year 2016. This year the game has improved and new players of modern and traditional platform have played an important role in engaging the fans.

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