Why messi is so angry


Barcelona have been incredibly defeated in the semifinals of the Champions League, near Liverpool. After almost a week of the match, he still burns the barcelona to burn After losing the match to Goetafake on home ground in the league, he still did not dry the wound.

Barcelona, ​​who were knocked out of the quarter-finals on the third round of the three goals against AS Roma in the 2017-18 season. Who could have thought that something like that in this season? Roma still got the advantage of an Away goal, Liverpool did not even have it. Liverpool have defeated Barcelona in the face of the two main players of the attack.

Barcelona’s players, however, wanted to try to sneer at the dream of winning the Copa del Rey after winning the league. But Gayle has confirmed that the fans of Barcelona have not been able to walk on that path at least. Sergio Buskets too gave the Catalan supporters But Messi gave support to the supporters in the field. No, no words or gestures. But Messi had to face the whole time of the match, at the end of the match, the winning smile could not be seen in his face.

Messi’s behavior is not new. Messi has seen such a serious face in the next match of the frustrating season last season. But this time the incident is a little different. Liverpool could not go to the airport after the match. After the regular health check-up, Messi went to the airport to face Messi’s face. The team has given the responsibility of the rate, as well as the reason why they did not clash with Liverpool fans watching the match was asked. After such a rate, the viewer did not like the behavior of him.

On Sunday, the audience’s anger was found. Camp Nou has dubbed several players. Of these, Sergio was also Buskets. However, criticism of this player of Bersa Academy is not generally heard. Messi did not celebrate the goals of the team on Sunday as he was disturbed by the viewer’s behavior. Earlier, criticizing Luis Enrique and André Gomez, Messi also protested without celebrating the team’s goals.

After the first leg against Liverpool, the fans of the club gave the duo Philip Kutinoho twice. Then Messi called on unity, “We all have to be together, that’s the time we rely on.” But Messi did not see anything from the viewer, he replied. Goethe did not celebrate his goal after Sunday’s match. Before the field, the hosts did not make any comment to the hosts, which is a regular feature of football.

Clearly, Messi has been angry over the fans.


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