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Virat Kohli is more concerned with managing pressure

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli - Captain - India national cricket team

India is going to win favorites for the World Cup With the experience of the Champions Trophy final game, fans have been making optimistic about India in the last two years. Virat Kohli is worried about taking over this burden. It is always difficult to handle India’s huge hopes in the competition like World Cup.
India’s anticipation of the World Cup balloon was going out of everyone’s reach at the beginning of the year. In the meantime, after losing the series against Australia in the home field 2-0, it took India time to cope with the shock. But after the successful IPL (Indian Premier League) , they have become confident about the World Cup again. That is why India has not reached the UK yet. Finally, before leaving the country, Virat Kohli says it will not be difficult for India to cope with the conditions.
Responding to questions from reporters at the press conference before leaving the country today, Virat Kohli said, “It is better to go anywhere before any place. It is very good to overcome all the turmoil in the team for the World Cup competition. White ball game in England, there is not much difference in the Test playing in the ICC competition in those conditions, it is not very difficult. Not the conditions of the World Cup, it is more important to handle pressure. ‘
Before the World Cup, all Indian cricketers have spent time busy in the IPL (Indian Premier League). Many are so worried about the fitness of Indian bowlers in the World Cup. Kohli, however, did the opposite demand. In the eye of the Indian captain, all the bowlers of the Real Madrid have kept fresh, while all the players in the squad have prepared themselves mentally for 50-over cricket while playing in the IPL (Indian Premier League) . We saw how they were saying, after four balls over, nobody felt tired. They’re all pretty refreshing. The goal of all was to prepare themselves for 50 overs and keep themselves healthy. It was informed before the IPL (Indian Premier League). 

England are expected to score 500 runs in the 12th ICC World Cup 2019!

Engaland Cricket Team

England will be runners in the Cricket World Cup. There is no doubt about this. There are instructions on how to make batting-friendly wickets in all ICC events. However, considering the traditional seeming condition of England, many were somewhat hesitant about it. But the tri-series in Ireland and the runner-up of the England-Pakistan series in England have overcome all doubt. The England and Wales Cricket Board also realized that batsmen of this era chose batting on batting-friendly wickets. For this reason, the official scorecard for the World Cup supporters is being given the opportunity to write a maximum of 500 runs in an innings. There are excellent practices in England’s venues. After the end of the match or at the end of the match, one can print out the scoreboard with one or two pounds for a visitor. This is a kind of reminder for fans. The ECB (England Cricket Board) is going to change the thinking of the current situation in the scorecard. The British Newspaper Daily Telegraph said, “In the match, the scorecard that buyers buy, has a tile in the tie so that it can be ticked. The 400 tiles were kept for the World Cup first. But after discussing with the director of the tournament Steve Ellourdi, everyone understood that it needs to be lifted up to 500. If the incredible 500-odd ODI’s are seen in one-day internationals, then it will probably be hosted by the host England. The World Cup, which was changed after the last World Cup, has broken the world record of the two times. Pakistan’s 444 runs against Pakistan in 2016 broke their record in 2018 England made 481 runs by giving a nightmare to an all-rounder Australia. In the ongoing series against Pakistan, the hosts made 373 runs in the second one-day international. Pakistan scored less, scored 361 runs! The same scene was seen in the 3rd One Day International. Pakistan did not win the match but 358 runs. England have chased more than three and a half runs in the five overs. As a result, there is no possibility of 500 runs being lifted on any particular day. The Telegraph said ECB (England Cricket Board) chief executive Tom Harris said, “Cricket is constantly changing. The best example of last night (Poshu) was. It’s the fifth best run chase record. For the World Cup we have to take the scale 500. All have to be printed, because our idea is that the 500-run limit in One Day International will be broken.worldsportinfo

After the 50th win, the goal of the fifty-five ‘Lucky Seven’


The 50th edition of the cricket match has been won by 50 years of Bangladesh’s ‘Panchapandab’ Mashrafe, Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiqik and Mahmudullah Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has already said that this is his last World Cup.

That is, the next World Cup will not be seen together, “Panchapandab” The matter is known to all the five cricketer as well – the last thing to do in this World Cup! Their start was not such. Bangladesh won only against Kenya and Zimbabwe. Sometimes showing a little flare against the other parties, this is what Mashrafe was injured in the injury, he is returning to the game today, tomorrow is out of the field. Out of them, in the three years between 2005 and 2007, four of them came, Mushfiqur, Shakib, Tamim and Mahmudullah.

Gradually they established themselves as a golden generation. In December this generation played together their 100th international match And yesterday we got 50th win. These five cricketer played 103th match together in Tests, ODIs and T20s. A five-wicket win against the West Indies is a milestone for them. It was the 50th international victory of the fifth edition of cricket, And if they lose one match, their defeat will be full of ‘fifty’. Because of the tri-series in front and the World Cup, you can say that it is better not to have fun. Not fun, really. 103 wins in 50 matches and 49 runs ‘No Result’ in the remaining 4 matches. Five players playing together since 2007. If they are together in the field, then the chances of victory of Bangladesh will increase. Statistics show that in the 559 international matches, the ratio of win-loss of Bangladesh to 0.4244 (159 wins) was three. But if the fifth is in the field, the ratio of rate and win increases to 1.020. Yet there is a story of trouble, sorrow and despair.

Bangladesh has played six tournament finals in the past, including ODIs and T20s. Ireland meet in the seventh final After the start of play together in fifty-five international cricket, Bangladesh has seen these seven finals. None won. Since Mashrafe is the eldest of the age, it can be said that before the departure of Mashrafe, can not they win at least one tournament title? Optimists will say, ‘Lucky Seven’ can be done. And the audacious optimists can say that if you do not have it, then there is a World Cup! The five-wicket campaign started in the 2007 World Twenty20 match against Sri Lanka, originally from the last of the five, after the inauguration of Mahmudullah’s debut. And from there, the country’s cricket has started to change a little bit.

Naturally they played more matches together in one-day editions. 73 matches together to win 37 wins Twenty-two matches in Twenty20 and five of the five players have played only one match. Can you say, no match? Just got caught. First Test in the 2009 West Indies series tour It was Mashrafe’s first assignment as captain of the Bangladesh team. Mashrafe left the field after suffering a foot injury on the third day of the Test. Later, he could not play Test Bangladesh won the victory under the leadership of Shakib This is the first and last Test match together with the fifth and final match in this edition. With the huge pressure of expectations on these five cricketer, the question often comes back, how will the country’s cricket progress if they leave? The question is coming forward in front of the fifth win of Fifth of Fifth. In this case, Sri Lanka may be an example.

Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara got the solid foundation of the 96-year-old De Silva-Ranatunga, who came in the team due to that golden generation. Or an example of India’s ‘Fab Fif’ – Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag. Virat Kohli-Rohit Sharma today stands on the basis of their average. Liton-Soumya-Sabbirao can also follow them

Unpredictable ‘words in the absurd Pakistan coach


Pakistan cricket team ‘Unpredictable’ – Historically, it’s the cricket fan’s honor. When the team will perform, how will a player of this team sit, it is always unreasonable. Current coach Mickey Arthur does not like this ‘unpredictable’ charity. He wants to change it.

The defeat of unexpectedly defeated matches, or the mountainous goal for victory, is easily passed-year after year, Cricket World is familiar with such a stereotype of the Pakistan cricket team. That’s why the team has given the team ‘unpredictable’. Current coach Mickey Arthur does not like this title. He wants to change it.

Other coaching staff in Pakistan also do not like this name, Arthur said, “Unpredictable is a word that everyone hates coaching staff. If you read various editions for the World Cup, everyone will say that Pakistan will be one of the four best teams of the World Cup because of their unimaginable features. I have no value for it. If we are one of the best four teams in the World Cup, then it will be for our hard work, talent and perseverance. Not for anything else. ‘ Pakistan is working hard to keep the World Cup ahead, Arthur said, “We are working hard. Acting properly. We are following our routine properly. I know, if you go ahead in this way, these “unpredictable” will not be there. We know that we can defeat anyone in our day. ” In order to inspire Pakistan in the World Cup, the PCB has made a slogan, “We were able, we can (We have, we will)”.

Arthur impressed with the slogan, “The PCB has made a great slogan, we have achieved, we can. We have won before, we have shown success, we have been burning on the big occasion. We’re going to do that again

Why messi is so angry


Barcelona have been incredibly defeated in the semifinals of the Champions League, near Liverpool. After almost a week of the match, he still burns the barcelona to burn After losing the match to Goetafake on home ground in the league, he still did not dry the wound.

Barcelona, ​​who were knocked out of the quarter-finals on the third round of the three goals against AS Roma in the 2017-18 season. Who could have thought that something like that in this season? Roma still got the advantage of an Away goal, Liverpool did not even have it. Liverpool have defeated Barcelona in the face of the two main players of the attack.

Barcelona’s players, however, wanted to try to sneer at the dream of winning the Copa del Rey after winning the league. But Gayle has confirmed that the fans of Barcelona have not been able to walk on that path at least. Sergio Buskets too gave the Catalan supporters But Messi gave support to the supporters in the field. No, no words or gestures. But Messi had to face the whole time of the match, at the end of the match, the winning smile could not be seen in his face.

Messi’s behavior is not new. Messi has seen such a serious face in the next match of the frustrating season last season. But this time the incident is a little different. Liverpool could not go to the airport after the match. After the regular health check-up, Messi went to the airport to face Messi’s face. The team has given the responsibility of the rate, as well as the reason why they did not clash with Liverpool fans watching the match was asked. After such a rate, the viewer did not like the behavior of him.

On Sunday, the audience’s anger was found. Camp Nou has dubbed several players. Of these, Sergio was also Buskets. However, criticism of this player of Bersa Academy is not generally heard. Messi did not celebrate the goals of the team on Sunday as he was disturbed by the viewer’s behavior. Earlier, criticizing Luis Enrique and André Gomez, Messi also protested without celebrating the team’s goals.

After the first leg against Liverpool, the fans of the club gave the duo Philip Kutinoho twice. Then Messi called on unity, “We all have to be together, that’s the time we rely on.” But Messi did not see anything from the viewer, he replied. Goethe did not celebrate his goal after Sunday’s match. Before the field, the hosts did not make any comment to the hosts, which is a regular feature of football.

Clearly, Messi has been angry over the fans.

Afridi is in danger of not giving girls permission to play


The stars’ autobiography means that the horror of controversy Each star will find out the books and the news published in it will surprise everyone, it is going on. The best way to increase sales is by doing this. Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has been successful in the series.

About three years have been retired from the national team. Afridi is not likely to return to Pakistan anymore, although he has returned several times earlier. By knowing the retirement, maybe the autobiography ‘Game changer’ told his age. In the book, Afridi has put the people in doubt about the age. But Afridi’s Birthday 1980 was known but the book was written in 1975. Two days later, Afridi said he was born in 1977!

Though Afridi has a lot of interest, the main discussion but not about that. The debate over Gautam Gambhir, Javed Miandad or Waqar Younis is not discussed at all. The original discussion gave birth to his daughters. It is such a remark that Afridi is a feminist.

‘Game changer’ has been released in Pakistan and India last week. In the book, Afridi has said to his four daughters, “I do not want them to play cricket like me as good as a career. Not just cricket, the games that play outdoors (outdoor games), I do not want my girls to play those games. Yes, inside the house (Indoor Games) they can build a career in any sport. But I do not like any outdoor sports. I also talked about this with their mother. He also agreed with me. Considering the social and religious discipline, I made this decision. Feminists can tell me what I want, it does not matter to me. But I have made my decision. ‘

Afridi’s honest admission was not like many. Famous sports writer Jared Kimbara tweeted in his own native style last week. Pakistani writer Nawab Shah has opened his mouth Afridi’s decision to say to the BBC is an example of Pakistani society. This proves, ‘An example of Malik culture in Pakistan, where I am being told, my girls will do what I say; Do not do that, will not do it. And you can not stop me from doing anything. ‘

A tweet by Salman Siddique tweeted, “There is no difference between Afridi and a middle-aged Pakistani man. Those who do not object to chat with another’s girl, but only when their daughter is so angry. Another person named Asha Bedar wrote, ‘Her daughter, her decision? Really? Does that mean that women’s speech and decision have no value? When they grow up? Because their father has said!

Meanwhile, one of the events of Liverpool’s last league match increased Afridi’s criticism. The younger daughter of the Muslim Muhammad Salah scored a goal in Anfield after the match that day. Earlier, Salah’s daughter gave an affair to Anfild’s view. Like the Salah-like Muslim footballer, where the girl is proud of such glory, many of Pakistan can not accept Afridi’s behavior.

Dhoni also gives wrong Tips in many time


Mahendra Singh Dhoni also gives wrong tips in many matches. The information was given by his teammate Kuldeep Yadav

The ability of Mahendra Singh Dhoni to understand the nature of the game from the first ball of the match is very few players. That’s why it is easier to lead Virat Kohli if Dhoni is in the field, like this, like experts. Kohli, after standing behind the wicket, reduced the pressure of the game’s readings to a lot less. Arrange fielding manually, often suggesting a change in the bowler. But Dhoni’s advice is always useful? Does he always give proper advice? According to Kuldeep Yadav, Dhoni’s advice is sometimes wrong.

Kuldeep will get a legend like Dhoni in the World Cup in England, as the team’s teammate. Dhoni has given many suggestions to the Indian ‘spinner’ spinner. Especially when the batsman is set, the former captain has given advice to Kuldeep standing behind the wicket. Dhoni, however, could not win the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. Mumbai have to be satisfied with the runners up.

In his meeting at the Seat Cricket Rating Prize ceremony, Kuldeep said, “Sometimes Dhoni’s suggestions are wrong. But then you can not tell him anything about this. She does not talk too much. If you think something needs to be said then speaks in the over.

World Cup begins on 30th May in England According to experts, Dhoni will be very useful in India’s Cricket World Cup in England. But what Kuldeep has said will certainly provide food for the discussion in Indian cricket.

The IPL is in the commentary room


Shakib playing in the IPL for Sunrisers Hyderabad. He is the only cricketer in Bangladesh. But the only representative but not the only. The commentator is in the house

Not only Shakib Al Hasan as representative of Bangladesh in the Indian Premier League (IPL), there is another representative outside the field – Atar Ali Khan. Athana is commenting on the IPL for the first time. Atha is giving commentary in Bengali.

The promotion is being done in Kolkata TV channel ‘Star Jalsa Movie’. The commentary is broadcast from the studio in Mumbai. Courtesy of West Bengal commentators have become known as ‘Atar Da’!

There is another kind of experience in his commentary, and one of the other experiences is his.

The former opener’s voice is generally heard in international cricket, in most Bangladesh matches. His appearance as the sole representative of Bangladesh in the World Cup or the Asia Cup is a commentary on the big tournament. In almost two decades of commentary life, he established himself in international cricket as the voice of Bangladesh.

Though he has made English commentary in international cricket, he is also the only Bengali commentator in this IPL.

From Mumbai, Athara said, ‘Everything is going well. There is a comment on the entire IPL. But for the Narayanganj Club on March 31, the match will be played for a long time. In all, the experience is going well. ‘ Star Jalsa is broadcasting the IPL in whole of Bengal considering Bengali viewers. The scores are given in Bengal as soon as possible.

Not only in 100% of Bengal. Somewhat bangal. Although the name of the players is in Bengali, the numbers are in Roman style. But the commentary is in whole Bengali. Listening to Bangla commentator at Athar Ali’s voice can be a wonderful experience for the audience. “It is a great privilege to be able to give a comment in my own language in a big tournament like the IPL,” said Aathar, enjoying a lot of praise in the language of his mother

Why Messi is not playing, answer!

Messi WSI world sport info worldsportinfo
Messi does not play against Morocco Messi is happy to return to his kingdom. Photo: Instagram

Lionel Messi is not playing? They asked the question as hard as possible. It has been demanding written and written explanation. Who is khappy? No, not a Argentine fan, spending a bunch of money is not a viewer flying in a friendly match; Morocco has burst out of anger Argentina, who are coming into the ground on Tuesday at 1:00 am on Tuesday. There is no Messi in the opposition XI, this is the good news for any team.

So why is Morocco so angry?

They are happy to be happy. Though it seems a little cold, the cause of anger will be clear. In the same way, the opportunity to play against the team like Argentina does not come regularly. When the opportunity came, did not Messi eleven! Messi returned to the national team after a long break, the idea of ​​tomorrow’s match was his big advantage.

Generally, national parties earn income from this friendly match. In truth, this kind of friendly match is the main source of national parties’ income. And having a star like Messi meant that the price of the match was a few times. Unless it means the opposite Generally, there are conditions that can be played in front of Messi, like contracting a friendly match against a team like Argentina.

There is also a mention of how many minutes to play in the minimum.

Morocco hosts this match Messi would have thought that Argentine gave a huge amount of money to the match. This condition was believed to be the condition of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) agreement. Because of the reciprocal conditions, what can be done with Messi and what some can not do is that the AFA In which Messi would not be able to take Selfi, even a Moroccan player could not do it.

The condition was that Messi could not be made a foul. Messi was about to play this match. But after nine months, Messi returned to the national team’s jersey, and the team looked more dirty. Venezuela defeated 3-1 goals. After the match, it was reported that Messi got groin or knee injuries. So the next friendly match is not playing. Barcelona also confirmed Messi’s injury news. It is also heard, on March 30, Messi will play Derby match against Espanyol.

Morocco is so skeptical, whether or not Messi is really true!

Their frustration in the FRMF statement is clear, ‘Last Saturday we received a letter from the agent that I had spoken to organize this match. The letter has officially notified that Messi is not playing in this match. In an interview with Tanzier, the Argentine Football Association asked for an explanation for the absence of the agent from the agent’s FRMF. FRMF agreed on the condition that the match was arranged in the match, and there was no other value. Because Argentina had promised to play their best team.

Russell trumps Australian Warner as Kolkata Knight Riders win thriller

Kolkata Knight Riders cricketer Shubman Gill (L) celebrates with teammate Andre Russell after winning the Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 cricket match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata on 24 March, 2019. Photo: AFP
WSI world sport info kolkata knight riders

Australia’s David Warner smashed 85 from 53 balls on his Indian Premier League comeback Sunday but his knock went in vain as Sunrisers Hyderabad lost to Kolkata Knight Riders.

Warner, who along with compatriot Steve Smith returns to the Twenty20 tournament after missing the previous edition due to a ball-tampering controversy, steered Sunrisers to 181 for three after being put into bat.

His efforts though were not enough, with Andre Russell hitting an unbeaten 49 off 19 balls as the Knight Riders won by six wickets with two balls to spare at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens.

A pause for a floodlight failure in the 16th over re-charged Knight Riders’ chase as Russell put together an unbeaten 65-run stand with Shubman Gill, who hit 18 runs including the winning six.

Russell struck four fours and four sixes

Earlier Warner stood out during a 118-run opening stand with England’s Jonny Bairstow, who made 39, to lay the platform for their big total.

“It is good to get out there and contribute. It looked a nice wicket to bat on but it slowed down a bit which made us reassess after six overs,” Warner said after his knock.

The Australian admitted some anxiety before his big return to IPL — and an unusual solution.

“I was a bit nervous in the dressing room and kept drinking pickle juice,” he said.

Opener Warner survived a reprieve on 38 after Knight Riders captain and wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik dropped him off left-arm wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav.

Warner, who captained Sunrisers to their only IPL title in 2016, made the most of the spill and raced to his 37th IPL fifty with a six off Russell to signal his aggressive intent.

Bairstow was bowled by leg-spinner Piyush Chawla but Warner took the attack to the opposition, hitting nine fours and three sixes during his blitz.

Warner, who recently recovered from an elbow injury he picked in the Bangladesh Premier League, finally fell to Russell after driving the ball to cover.

Warner said his elbow “wasn’t all too bad” after doing a lot of work with his trainer back home.

Year-long bans from state and international cricket for Warner and Smith end on March 28 but the duo are keen to get among the runs in the IPL, ahead of the 50-over World Cup starting in May.

The suspension did not include club games but IPL’s governing council decided not to allow the disgraced duo in the 11th edition of the T20 league last year in a bid to avoid controversy.

The pair were banned for cheating in a Cape Town Test in March last year along with teammate Cameron Bancroft, whose nine-month ban has already finished.

Smith is expected to appear for his team Rajasthan Royals in their opening match against Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur on Monday.