Mahendra Singh Dhoni also gives wrong tips in many matches. The information was given by his teammate Kuldeep Yadav

The ability of Mahendra Singh Dhoni to understand the nature of the game from the first ball of the match is very few players. That’s why it is easier to lead Virat Kohli if Dhoni is in the field, like this, like experts. Kohli, after standing behind the wicket, reduced the pressure of the game’s readings to a lot less. Arrange fielding manually, often suggesting a change in the bowler. But Dhoni’s advice is always useful? Does he always give proper advice? According to Kuldeep Yadav, Dhoni’s advice is sometimes wrong.

Kuldeep will get a legend like Dhoni in the World Cup in England, as the team’s teammate. Dhoni has given many suggestions to the Indian ‘spinner’ spinner. Especially when the batsman is set, the former captain has given advice to Kuldeep standing behind the wicket. Dhoni, however, could not win the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. Mumbai have to be satisfied with the runners up.

In his meeting at the Seat Cricket Rating Prize ceremony, Kuldeep said, “Sometimes Dhoni’s suggestions are wrong. But then you can not tell him anything about this. She does not talk too much. If you think something needs to be said then speaks in the over.

World Cup begins on 30th May in England According to experts, Dhoni will be very useful in India’s Cricket World Cup in England. But what Kuldeep has said will certainly provide food for the discussion in Indian cricket.


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